Loop Approval Process

After submitting your Loop application, please follow the steps below. If you have already completed any step in this process or any step does not apply to you, please continue with the others listed here:

  1. Non-DSP Students: Respond to this email with documentation outlining your injury. That could include a picture of an aftercare visit summary from a medical provider, or any other reasonable documentation of your need
  2. Active DSP students: If you need ongoing access to the Loop, please contact your Disability Specialist to discuss your transportation needs and to receive approval for campus transportation services. If you are a DSP student, but need the Loop for a temporary disability, please follow the “Non-DSP Students” instructions.
  3. Download the Loop app: The Loop is available for Android and iPhone at these links.
  4. Sign into your Loop account: In the app, click “Sign In”, and follow the prompt to enter your CalNet ID and passphrase. Important: You must have access to your CalNet ID 2-step verification while signing into the app!
  5. Receiving Loop approval: Once you sign into your account, notify Campus Access Services from your @berkeley.edu email address (to access@berkeley.edu). Campus Access Services will then activate your account for the Loop.
  6. Ride away! You should be set to use the loop within two business days of notifying DSP that your account is set up. If you encounter issues, please let us know ASAP.

You can expect your activation for the Loop no later than two business days after you make your request. In most cases, requests are processed within a business day.

If you request Loop access for consecutive semesters or expect to require mobility accommodations (such as the Loop) in order to transport yourself across campus on an ongoing basis, you are encouraged to apply for the DSP. This will allow you to access the Loop without renewing the service each term. Information about the DSP application process is available at dsp.berkeley.edu.