Atypical Educational Settings and Equipment (internships, laboratories, remote learning, study abroad)

Self Evaluation Work Plan


This section examines accessibility in diverse educational settings, and in curriculum that may utilize specialized equipment. 


1. Develop a written strategy for promoting accessible labs and internships that includes at a minimum the following:

  • Advisement for internship hosts and laboratory PIs that reasonable accommodations must be made for disabled students in order to comply with UCOP and campus policy
  • Requirement of internship hosts and laboratory PIs to provide information regarding the accessibility of their built and digital environments before incorporating students. This should include their identifying who will be responsible for ensuring a prompt, adequate response to a disabled student  who requests an accommodation (including to support their use of specialized equipment).

2. Develop a written strategy to ensure that instructors of online courses receive training on best practices for giving accessible presentations. It should include: 

  • A Protocol to ensure that on-line instructional materials are consistently checked for accessibility (e.g. e-books and pdfs that are accessible with screen readers, video materials that are captioned and audio-described).
  • Advisement that ALL videos used for instructional purposes must be captioned.
  • Advisement that all online presentations be captioned; minimally, online course syllabi should contain notifications regarding an attendees ability to request a reasonable accommodations. See the section on Faculty for model language.
  • Advisement that any website a student is required or requested to visit (e.g. faculty website, a research resource), should be evaluated for accessibility.

3. Ensure that all employees assisting with Study Abroad programs are aware of the policies and best practice for inclusion of disabled students.

Additional Resources

How to Talk and Discuss About Accessibility with Vendors (similar to link in Purchasing, above, but still applicable)