Information Technology

Self Evaluation Work Plan


This section addresses ensuring that our digital domain is accessible to disabled people. The UCOP Information Technology Accessibility Policy requires that our technology platforms and the content thereon meet WCAG 2.0 AA standards.


Ensure that your employees know that the UCOP IT Accessiblity Policy is and what it requires.
Ensure an 'Accessibilty' link is added to the home page footer of all division webites
Ensure employees who develop, design or adminster websites know how to create accessible sites, assess them, and remediate them as needed.
Ensure all employees who create content for websies and third party platforms know how to make content accessible.
Ensure all employees know that such content (video or audio clips, PDFs JPegs, Workd and Google Docs) and links, should be accessible when included in email communications, as well,  


Leads should take the training themselves, then assign it to those employees in their unit for whom they believe it is relevant. Assigning to all employees is recommended. Any processes, procedures or protocols recommended for development in the training should be created. 

Information Technology Training

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