Library Services

Self Evaluation Work Plan


This section examines accessible practices within the context of Library services (both the main Library, and archival material that functionally services as Library material throughout the University).


1. Provide training to library employees to assist variously disabled library users, including with physical and digital research.

2. If applicable, ensure that notification systems are understandable for disabled guests.

3. Ensure that electronic information systems, software and other resources for library users and/or employees are accessible to disabled users, too.

  • ID what archives or databases are inaccessible to navigate, or have content such as very old or rare materials that may not be accessible by screen reader;
  • create a protocol to support navigation of these systems and creation of accessible alternative formats for substantive data.
  • Web clinics for software and systems.

4. Ensure that physical materials for library users are on accessible routes, within reach ranges, and have clear space for approach or, minimally, that an employee trained to provide assistance is situated nearby.

5. Confirm and document a  procedure for disabled users to obtain library materials in alternative formats where needed for access.

Recommended Resources