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Self Evaluation Work Plan


This section encourages reflection on how to increase outreach to, and inclusion of, disabled people in your organization’s programs, services, and activities (‘PSAs’). 


Consider adding outreach to disabled people and/or disability inclusion efforts into your unit’s programs, services and activities. Ways to do this include, but are not limited to: adding affirmative language to outreach materials; and partnering with other organizations and entities (e.g. non-profit organizations, student groups, community organizations). 
When your unit provides programming, services or activities through another entity (e.g. a partner outside of the UC or a workshop), ask that entity how those programs, services and/or activities are accessible to people with disabilities. Be sure that all outreach materials for these programs, services and/or activities include a statement of non-discrimination, and information on how to request a reasonable accommodation.
Offer employees training on best practices with working with students with disabilities. (https://dsp.berkeley.edu/). 
When offering services that facilitate visits, workshops, residential experiences, or events at Berkeley or other (non-UC Berkeley) locations, develop a checklist to ensure that these activities are accessible to participants with disabilities. 
Consider adding inclusion of persons with disabilities in your Department’s recruitment efforts.  


Leads should take the training themselves, then assign it to those employees in their unit for whom they believe it is relevant. Assigning to all employees is recommended. Any processes, procedures or protocols recommended for development in the training should be created. 

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Additional Resources

Disability Etiquette: Tips On Interacting With People With Disabilities

American Bar Association: Commission on Disability Rights, Planning Accessible Meetings and Events