Physical Space

Self Evaluation Work Plan


This section addresses accessibility in the office space.


Develop practices to ensure that your physical office space set up is accessible, e.g. clear floor space, and provide guidance to any employees who may have responsibility for maintaining these areas.
Check with UC Berkeley Disability Access & Compliance regarding accessibility of the spaces that are open to the public (e.g. for on-site services)
If there is any construction being done to your office areas, make efforts to ensure that there are accessible routes and spaces available for people with disabilities throughout construction.  


Leads should take the training themselves, then assign it to those employees in their unit for whom they believe it is relevant. Assigning to all employees is recommended. Any processes, procedures or protocols recommended for development in the training should be created. 

Physical Space Training

Additional Resources

Resources and information on campus building accessibility

Contact Ben Perez if you want to consult about physical space access 

U.S. Access Board: Chapter 3: Clear Floor or Ground Space and Turning Space