Publications and Written Materials

Self Evaluation Work Plan


This section addresses accessible written and print materials, as well as best practices in portraying disabled people in those materials.


Ensure that all printed publications, inform readers that the publications are available in alternative formats, upon request.
Ensure that all printed publications and notices follow the University’s style guide (linked here: Accessibility is incorporated into the style guide. 
Make it a practice to review all publications and notices to determine whether they portray persons with disabilities in a demeaning or offensive manner.
Train your employees to ensure that all publications and correspondence use accepted terms and forms when referring to people with disabilities/disabled people.
For documents that are regularly distributed, keep a few copies in large print format available in an accessible area.  


Leads should take the training themselves, then assign it to those employees in their unit for whom they believe it is relevant. Assigning to all employees is recommended. Any processes, procedures or protocols recommended for development in the training should be created. 

Publications and Written Materials Training

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