Program Access for Non-Degree Activities

Disability Access & Compliance (DAC) maintains centralized campus resources designed to cost-effectively provide (at no expense to eligible event sponsors) effective communications accommodations (such as sign language interpreters, real-time captioners, or alternative format print materials) needed by participants with disabilities in University sponsored events/activities. Providing these accommodations for University sponsored activities/events is intended to eliminate the disproportionate fiscal burden otherwise borne by those relatively few event sponsors whose attendees/participants include an individual who requires reasonable accommodation to participate fully.

Qualifications for Accommodations Funding

University-Sponsored Events

A University sponsored program is a on or near campus event intended for a public (campus community or beyond) audience. To be eligible the activity/event must be University-sponsored (as opposed to simply being held on University property), which means one or more campus departments or units:

  1. Are the primary recipient of income generated from the activity/event,
  2. Are primarily liable for any debts accrued as a result of putting on the activity/event, and
  3. Mostl importantly a University department/unit has final authority regarding decisions related to the activity/event.

If an event is a collaboration between multiple sponsoring entities, some of whom are not University departments/units, accommodations expenses will be apportioned in the same ratio among the sponsoring entities as anticipated revenue. If no revenue was anticipated by an activity/event sponsored by multiple entities (one or more of whom is not a University department/unit), DAC will pay only that portion of the accommodations expenses approved after an individualized review of the event.

Revenue-Generating Events

Although revenue generation will be used to determin the sponsorship of an event, DAC will not provide accommodations funding for events expected to generate significant funds for a campus unit. If an event sponsor plans to charge ticket costs that far exceed the revenue needed to cover event expenses, DAC will require that event sponsors cover accommodations costs associated with providing equal access to participants with disabilities. Common examples include athletic events/games, theater showcases, etc.

The Program Access Compliance Manager will make final decisions to determine the eligibility of an event to qualify for accommodations funding. Questions about that process can be directed to Derek Coates (


This program covers an interpreter, captioner, alternative print formats,  or (if timely requested) captioning of a video shown on a screen at a group event. In general, DAC does not extend to cover captioning/interpreting of content posted on University webpages privately viewed online. DAC does not pay for the cost of making accessible all the regular services that campus units routinely provide in the ordinary course of doing business. All disbursements are solely for expenses directly applied to the actual cost of interpreting/captioning for persons with disabilities, and not for administrative costs.

Event Planning Resources

Please click here for resources and best practices for event planners when making preparations for accessible and inclusive events.