Live Captioning Checklist for Remote Events

Access Coordinators (e.g., Meeting hosts, event planners and schedulers, etc.)  may receive requests for live remote captioning communications access to a web conference/meeting.  We can assist by connecting you with an existing university vendor able to deliver remote live captioning services.  All information can be provided prior to the event using our Communications Request form.

[Note: The industry standard for caption accuracy is 99% based on grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Built-in web conferencing apps and software are unable to meet university policy accuracy standards. Transcripts must be 99% accurate.]

People can view the captioned content in a dedicated web conferencing window built-into the dashboard or at a separate website.  Ask the recipient of the services how they want to access the captions. Depending on the vendor, relevant parties can receive a complete transcript after the event.

Checklist for Viewing Captions in Zoom

  1. Communications Request (CR) form:  Input web conference event meeting information into our Communications Request form. If there are issues acquiring the Web Conferencing address, contact Dr. Derek Coates at
  2. Create a Zoom meeting and input web conference meeting ID and password (if required) into Communications Request form. This information will be provided to the captioning vendor. If you acquire the link after submitting the Communications Form, email it as soon as possible to
  3. Provide Prep Materials to the Captioning agency (we work directly with Aberdeen for remote captioning,, including list of speakers/recipients, speeches, introductions, agenda, sponsors, etc. 48 hours prior to event. Note: Use Communication Request (CR) reference number in the subject line of the autoreply you received.
  4. Acquire API Token for web conference. This is needed if captioned content will be provided in the Zoom window.  Once the meeting has begun, locate and click the “Closed Caption” button in the Zoom meeting window.  Click the “Copy the API Token" button- this will automatically copy the API Token to the computer clipboard.  Paste the API token into an email and send to captioning provider.
  5. Five minutes prior to the event, the captioner will contact the Access Coordinator identified in the Communications Request and confirm captioned content is viewable in the web dashboard captioning panel.

Checklist for Viewing Captioned Content on a Separate URL

  1. Create a conference URL. (See university Video Conferencing resources)
  2. Gather information on web conference meeting ID and password (if required). Paste information into the Communications Request form (this information will be provided to the vendor). 
  3. Submit a completed Communications Request form to DAC. (The more complete the information the better we can secure services.  if there are issues acquiring the Web Conferencing address, contact Dr. Derek Coates at
  4. Acquire web address for captioned content provided by the Remote live captioning vendor.  The URL will be sent by email to the on-site contact person or the recipient of services.
  5. 5 to 10 minutes before the meeting, the remote captioner will attempt to join the meeting.  Confirm that the meeting host grants access, if necessary.  Confirm access to the meeting and that captions are appearing at the specified website.