A close-up picture of a locator map, similar to maps posted at every pedestrian entrance to the campus

This page features all campus maps related to disability. Campus access maps are designed to assist individuals with disabilities navigate and/or plan ahead during their time around campus. The featured maps are listed below.

Access Interruptions

Access Interruptions: This map shows the current construction projects and obstacles causing disruptions for the access features/pathways described in the maps above. It is updated as new interruptions are brought to the attention of the campus. If you encounter an obstacle that is not represented by thia map, please report an access barrier so...

BearTransit Shuttles

UC Berkeley Parking & Transportation offers several wheelchair-accessibile shuttle routs free of charge to Campus community members. This link includes the shuttle routes, schedules, and other related Information. Shuttle maps are also linked below.

H Line Perimeter Line...

Loop Stops

Loop stops map: This map indicates all Loop golf cart stops on campus. With 36 stops total, each stop is indicated with a number that corresponds with the Loop app’s request service.


This map indicates accessible parking and transportation locations on campus. Blue spaces are spaces intended for people with disabilities that have blue parking permits, as well as a campus parking permit.

Pathway Slopes

Pathway slopes [PDF]: This map outlines the slope intensity for all access paths on campus. With slopes marked as ranging from “Easy” to “Impassible,” this map helps individuals with disabilities find the most accessible route to a destination. It should be used in conjunction with the preferred wheelchair routes map.

Wheelchair Users' Guide & Routes

Wheelchair Users' Guide & Routes map: This map indicates paths that are usable by individuals with mobility devices and shows wheelchair accessible building entries. Following these paths, wheelchair users will find paths without curbs or stairs. Slope steepness is not featured, but it can be found in the “Pathway slopes” map. These are the preferred routes for wheelchair users to access the campus.