Transcription services are provided for students in their classrooms.

UC Berkeley is committed to assuring that all University-sponsored programs and services are equally accessible to people with disabilities. Campus Access Services is responsible for facilitating accommodations and services for non-course activities on the UC Berkeley campus. This includes CART/ASL requests, access information resources, and mobility accommodations for people with qualifying disability needs. 

Disability Access & Compliance (DAC) manages requests for Effective communications accommodations, including Real-Time Captioning, Sign Language Interpreting, and alternative formatting for print materials. This page features a request form and guide on how to request CART/ASL requests for deaf/hard of hearing community members.

This page also features a guide on how to report an access barrier. Barriers reported here can include physical and electronic access barriers wherever they are encountered across campus.

DAC, in conjunction with the Disabled Students’ Program, also offers non-academic mobility accommodations including Loop golf cart requests, card key access, accessible furniture, and parking permit accommodations for students with disabilities.

Accommodations and Services

Communications Accommodations (CART/ASL)

The office of Disability Access and compliance (DAC) provides support for university departments, organizations, programs, units and members of the public requesting American sign Language (ASL) Interpreting and Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) Captioning services at campus-sponsored events. Please visit our Planning for Accessible Events to learn more about how to plan accessible events, required language for all advertising, what an access coordinator is, and read about our...

Lending Library

DAC maintains a library of assistive products and software available to departments across campus to support staff and faculty themselves, or in their work (e.g., they wish to have adaptive listening device available for an event they are holding). Please fill out the Service Request form to request one of the items available in our catalog. You can learn more about the products and software we have available in the sections below. If you have any questions about this program please send an email to...

Mobility Accommodation

If you plan on attending an event and need mobility accommodations please try to make your service request at least 72 hours prior to the campus event you wish to attend. If you make your request with less notice, we will do our best, but the earlier you submit your request, the more likely it is to be fulfilled. Requests or inquiries about accommodation information can be made through the following form, or by calling (510) 643-6456.

We will send you a confirmation of your request shortly after you submit it, and contact you again when your accommodation arrangements have been set...

The Loop Golf Cart


The current Loop app will no longer be available after Friday 13 October 2023. We understand the convenience and accessibility that the app has offered to our riders, and we would appreciate your understanding as we work to provide a new and improved app. Effective Monday 16 October 2023, Loop services will continue to operate, but approved riders will be required to call the dispatch number for ride requests. Please email access@berkeley.edu if you have any questions, or if you need...