Discrimination on the Basis of Disability

This Access Violation or Disability Discrimination Grievance Procedure and Complaint Form is available in alternative formats upon request. Alternative formats include audio-format, braille, large print, electronic text, etc. Please contact the Office of Disability Access & Compliance (DAC) and allow 7-10 days for production of the material in an alternative format.


Steve Johnston, DAC Policy, Complaint, and Special Project Manager

stevejohnston@berkeley.edu | 510-697-9313


The University is committed to ensuring that disabled students, staff, faculty and non-affiliates are able to take part in, and benefit from, the whole range of programs, services, and activities offered by the University. The University continues to modify its facilities, programs, policies, or practices, as necessary, to ensure such access is provided.

UCOP PACAOS 149 requires that UCB adopt and publish a grievance procedure to assure the prompt and equitable resolution of complaints. The purpose of this access violation or disability discrimination grievance procedure is to resolve as promptly as possible any problems, complaints, or conflicts related to the University’s disability compliance without the need for the complainant to resort to other remedies available under the law.


A student disability grievance investigation outcome will not alter academic grades or findings regarding academic matters. The findings can be used as evidence within the academic grade appeal process required to alter grades.