Visitor FAQ

1. Am I allowed to bring my Service Dog, Emotional Support Animal, or pet to campus?

Our animals on campus policy is currently under revision. For now, please note that Service Dogs are always allowed on campus grounds and in campus buildings; pets and Emotional Support Animals should not be brought into campus buildings but may be brought onto campus grounds if they are on leash and under control.

2. What do I do if I believe I've been discriminated against on the basis of disability on your campus?

DAC is responsible for reviewing...

Visitor Policies & Procedures

While there are no formal Policies and Procedures in place for disabled visitors, there are transportation, mobility, and communication services available for disabled visitors. Please see the Berkeley Visitors' Page for more information.


The list below contains relevant resoures for visitors/non-affiliates with disabilities. Additional community resources can be located on our Community Resources webpage.

If a visitor feels that they have been discriminated against on the basis of a disability or feel like UC policies have been violated on the basis of a disability, they can file a formal grievance with DAC or raise an issue of concern by completing our online form.

Message to Campus Disability Community re COVID-19

Your health and your wellbeing as disabled people is important. We know that COVID-19 can be more of a concern for segments of the disability community than the general population. Below is information specifically for our community, and some articles and think pieces by disabled people and organizations that take on this difficult time in a thoughtful and relevant way.


As you may now know, the Chancellor has announced that beginning Tuesday, March 10, we will be suspending most in-person classes and will be offering ALL lecture courses (including...