Doe Memorial Library

Named for Charles Franklin Doe, who came from Maine in 1857 as a schoolteacher and made his fortune in California. He left a quarter of his estate to the university for construction of a new library. The Beaux Arts building, which features the magnificently restored North Reading Room and the cozy Morrison Library, was the centerpiece of architect John Galen Howard's classical campus ensemble. The placement of Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, over the main entrance reflects Berkeley's aspiration to become the "Athens of the West." The building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1982. A four-story underground addition, the Gardner Stacks, opened in 1995 to provide more space for the library's holdings.

Building Details

Floors: 5

Accessible entrances: A usable entry is located on the north, but with no automatic opener. An automatic opener is present at the main south side entrance. The interior door to the Newspaper/Periodicals Room also provides an automatic opener. The exterior entrance to the Bancroft Library is usable via a staircase only. The usable entrance is located inside Doe, in the rear of Bancroft Library. There is a call button at this door to summon the assistance of an attendant. The usable interior entrance to Inter-Library Services also requires the assistance of an attendant.

Restrooms: Level one restrooms provide stalls with side transfer stalls. Level two provides stalls with grab bars and room for side transfer. Each level of the Gardner Stacks (B, C, and D) provides two multiple user restrooms with stalls with grab bars and space for side transfer capabilities.

Designated waiting area: The designated waiting areas are located at both the east and west stair wells.

Emergency evacuation cabinet: W & E: West Side: The emergency evacuation cabinet is located on the ground floor near the womens restroom and elevator on the west side of the building. East Side: The emergency evacuation cabinet is loacting to the right upon entering the mainstacks on level A.

Pictures of Doe Library

The north side of Doe Library. In front of the building is a staircase. The access path is to the left of the entrance.

Doe Memorial Library

The accessible pathway to Doe's north entrance, located to the left of the entrance.

North Access Path

The main entrance to Doe Library, facing north. When exiting the access path to the left of the stairs,the doors are on the left

North Entrance


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