Emergency Preparedness for Disabled People

Disasters happen. Especially for disabled people, planning and preparation are the keys to being as safe as possible in an emergency. UC Berkeley is committed to the safety of all of its students, staff, faculty and visitors with and without disabilities.This section provides information on the campus-wide emergency preparedness features and procedures, as well as building-specific plans as they pertain to disabled people.

Each building’s page includes information of that building’s most important safety features. Specifically, you can find  the location of evacuation wheelchairs and Designated Waiting Areas on each building’s directory. 

Individual Evacuation Planning

Students enrolled in the Disabled Students’ Program may request an individualized assessment of their emergency preparedness needs for times when they are in class or on campus. Students should contact their assigned Disability Specialist to start that process, or can make a request via our portal

Employees can use the same portal to request consultations as well.

Individual planning appointments covers:

  • Review of building plans showing DWAs, evacuation chairs/cabinets, accessible routes, and assembly areas
  • Itemizing what is needed in an emergency go bag
  • Scripting instructions for those assisting you during evacuation
  • An email introduction to the Building Manager
  • Set up for Text 911, emergency notifications, and download of media app for the university radio - all for information exchange in emergency
  • Warm hand-off for individuals to DOR/VOR or Lighthouse for the Blind where an individual would like wayfinding/ travel training
  • Scheduling a building evacuation walk-thru/observation upon request

We suggest people review the UC Berkeley Emergency Evacuation Planning for Disabled People fact sheet for additional information.

Office of Emergency Management

The Office of Emergency Management(link is external) (OEM) is the campus office responsible for maintaining campus-wide emergency plans and coordinating the campus response in case of an emergency. DAC works closely with the OEM to make sure that those plans include considerations for the needs of campus disabled community members.

Preparedness Video from the World Institute on Disability

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