Pages that are most relevant to currently enrolled or prospective UC Berkeley students with disabilities.

Emergency Preparedness for People with Disabilities

Disasters happen. Especially for people with disabilities, planning and preparation are the keys to being as safe as possible in an emergency. UC Berkeley is committed to the safety of all of its students, staff, faculty and visitors with and without disabilities.This section provides information on the campus-wide emergency preparedness features and procedures, as well as building-specific plans as they pertain to people with disabilities.

Each building’s page...

Loop Approval Process

All Users Submit a loop request.

Non-DSP Students

Respond to this email with documentation outlining your injury. That could include a picture of an aftercare visit summary from a medical provider, or any other reasonable documentation of your need. Download the Loop app: The Loop is available for Android and iPhone at these links. Sign into your...

Request Loop Access

After submitting the request form, you will receive an email confirming your request and containing instructions and next steps. In some cases, staff from DAC will follow up with you to gather any additional information required.

Please note:

Completing the application does not guarantee approval for your access to use the Loop. You will be notified when your account has been made active, as well as any additional steps needed before activation.

Loop authorizations will be processed as quickly as possible once the steps...


The list below contains relevant resoures for students with disabilities. Additional community resources can be located on our Community Resources webpage.

If a student feels that they have been discriminated against on the basis of a disability or feel like UC policies have been violated on the basis of a disability, they can file a formal grievance with DAC or raise an issue of concern by completing our online form.

Policies and Procedures

The following links point to a collection of policies, procedures, and offices that support the needs of campus community members with disabilities. Some resources listed below are targeted specifically to the needs of Students, while others are geared to support faculty, staff, or campus guests and visitors.

Student Policies & Procedures

This webpage contains policies and procedures related to students with disabilities.

Message to Campus Disability Community re COVID-19

Your health and your wellbeing as disabled people is important. We know that COVID-19 can be more of a concern for segments of the disability community than the general population. Below is information specifically for our community, and some articles and think pieces by disabled people and organizations that take on this difficult time in a thoughtful and relevant way.


As you may now know, the Chancellor has announced that beginning Tuesday, March 10, we will be suspending most in-person classes and will be offering ALL lecture courses (including...

Parking Policies

Click here for a map of available parking lots.

Finding parking at UC Berkeley can be very challenging. Planning in advance is the key to getting a well-located spot that meets your needs - one designated for disabled parking (a blue spot) or the nearest available parking spot that is not restricted for use.

The good news is the campus reserves significantly more parking spaces for persons with disabilities than is required by law. The bad news is the campus has limited...