McCone Hall

Built 1961. Designed by John Warnecke, McCone Hall houses several academic departments in the earth sciences, as well as the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory, one of the world's foremost centers for the study of earthquakes, and the Earth Sciences and Map Library. It is named for alumnus and former CIA director John McCone.

Building Details

Floors: 7

Accessible entrances: There are three entrances to McCone Hall. The south side ground level entrance is usable via exterior ramp, but does not provide an automatic opener. The west side level one entrance does provide an automatic opener, and enters at grade.

Restrooms: There are usable restroom facilities for both women and men on levels 1-5. There are no restrooms on the ground level. Location: Level 1: directly south of center stairs Level 2: directly north of south stairs Level 3: directly north of south stairs Level 4: directly north of south stairs Level five: north of south stairs

Designated waiting area: The Designated Waiting Area is located in the stairwell lobby to the left of the elevators when facing them.

Emergency evacuation cabinet: NE: The emergency evacuation cabinet is located in the elevator lobby on the ground floor.

Pictures of McCone Hall

The south side of McCone Hall. The accessible path is a ramp on the right side of the entrance's stairs.

South Face

The west side of McCone Hall, which has an accessible entrance at ground level.

West Face

The south side accessible entrance to McCone Hall. The ramp is located to the right of the entrance's stairs.

South Entrance

The westside accessible entrance to McCone Hall. To the left of the entrance is an automatic door opener.

West Entrance


Classrooms and Departments

Earth & Planetary Science, Geography, Earth Sciences and Map Library


McCone 141

Maximum Capacity


Features ADA-Instructor Accessible ADA-Student Accessible AV-Assistive Listening Device AV-Computer Data Display AV-Connection-Aux AV-Connection-VGA AV-Connection-XLR AV-Course Capture AV-DVD Player AV-Document Camera AV-Microphones AV-Screen-Manual Projector AV-Screen-Powered AV-VHS player Board-Chalk Only Board-Front 95plus sq ft Window-None