Pimentel Hall

Built 1964. Pimentel's circular lecture hall is on the cutting edge of classroom technology, including a revolving stage that allows multiple professors to teach, clean up, and set up at the same time, so that the room can be used continuously despite the long setup times involved in chemistry lectures.

Building Details

Floors: 2

Accessible entrances: There are two entrances to the building. The main entrance that faces west is usable but does not have automatic doors. In addition, Pimentel hall is accessed via corridor that links to Latimer Hall on the basement floor.

Restrooms: The nearest usable restroom is located in Latimer hall.

Pictures of Pimentel Hall

The upper west accessible entrance to Pimentel Hall. To the right of the doors is an automatic door opener.

West Entrance

The lower south entrance to Latimer Hall and Pimentel Hall. It is located in the lower court of the College of Chemistry.

Lower South Entrance


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Pimentel 1

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Features ADA-Instructor Accessible ADA-Student Accessible AV-Assistive Listening Device AV-Blu-ray Player AV-Computer Data Display AV-Computer Data Display HD AV-Connection-HDMI AV-Connection-VGA AV-Course Capture AV-Course Capture Video AV-DVD Player AV-Document Camera AV-Dual Input-Dual Display AV-Microphones AV-Podium Microphone AV-Screen-Manual Projector...