The list below contains relevant resoures for students with disabilities. Additional community resources can be located on our Community Resources webpage

If a student feels that they have been discriminated against on the basis of a disability or feel like UC policies have been violated on the basis of a disability, they can file a formal grievance with DAC or raise an issue of concern by completing our online form.

Student Resources

A mural painted on a wall at DSP. The mural reads "Cal DSP, Welcome" and has a painting of the Cesar Chavez Building in its background.

Student Support Guidance

Descriptions of where to find support  if you have a concern about your class or instructor (two page word document).

The entrance to DSP near the Golden Bear Cafe.

Disabled Students Program (DSP)

The Disabled Students’ Program (DSP) provides academic accommodations, financial aid education, and career counseling for students with disabilities.

The words DOR: Department of Rehabilitation: Employment, Independence, and Equality

Department of Rehabilitation (DOR)

The California Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) works in partnership with consumers and other stakeholders to provide services and advocacy resulting in employment, independent living, and equality for individuals with disabilities.

A group of students in front of California Hall- some are sitting on the floor relaxing, others are walking together.


TRiO at DSP is dedicated to supporting Cal student with disabilities, including those from low-income backgrounds. They do so with higher touch services, events and enrichment workshops that cultivate a sense of belonging for TRIO students as well as develop the necessary skill sets to achieve their goals. In doing, they empower students to exceed their potential while making Cal a more equitable and inclusive university.

BSC's logo, the letters "COOP" in a square shape.

Berkeley Student Cooperative

The Berkeley Student Cooperative (BSC) is a 501c3 nonprofit housing cooperative. "The co-ops" provide affordable housing and board to students at UC Berkeley and other Bay Area colleges and universities.

A student is in a meeting with TRIO staff member Juan in his office.

Disability Studies Minor

UC Berkeley offers a Disability Studies minor through Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Studies. Classes within the minor explore concepts such as disability theory, universal design, and intersectionality. Staff and faculty within the minor also provides disability-related leadership and training for students, faculty, staff, and community members.

Two students talking on Upper Sproul. One of the students is a wheelchair user.

ASUC Disabled Students Committee

Formed by disabled students in Spring 2019, the Disabled Student Committee is an official ASUC entity that addresses campus-wide disability issues. In addition to having its own advocacy campaigns, it also serves to uplift the work of intersectional student groups on campus. Two representatives from each of the four disability-related student organizations are present on the committee.

Students walking through Memorial Glade

Student Coalition for Disability Rights

The Student Coalition for Disability Rights (SCDR) advocates for disability rights on campus. Classified as a Registered Student Organization, SCDR works to ensure that students with disabilities have equitable access to the university’s academics, resources, and programs.

Spectrum's logo, an orange butterfly, where its body is the letter A

Spectrum: Autism at Cal

A student run Registered Student Organization, Spectrum advocates for equal access, inclusion, and awareness for individuals in the autism and neurodivergent community.

A northeast view of Martinez Commons, a student residential building.

RSSP Housing Accommodations

Cal Housing works with an Accommodations Coordinator to provide housing accommodations to students with disabilities. Their website provides steps on the interactive process for receiving accommodations, and mentions additional resources for students with disabilities.

A zoomed out image of the reading room within Doe Library, with views of the grid-like ceiling pattern.

General Library Accessibility Resources

The Library’s Disability Resources page provides information on accommodations and assistance offered throughout UC Berkeley libraries.

SAO's logo, a stick figure holding two curved shapes.

Student Advocate's Office

The ASUC Student Advocate’s Office (SAO) is an executive, non-partisan office of the student government at UC Berkeley. Their office offers representation, help, and advice to any student or student group involved in a dispute with the University.

Cal Dining's logo, its title in blue next to a yellow apple.

Cal Dining Food Allergy Resources

Whether you have food allergies, gluten intolerance or dietary restrictions from religious practices, are following a vegan/vegetarian diet, or simply need assistance with your food selections, Cal Dining is here help you make safe and delicious choices. Students can schedule a one-on- one meeting with a Registered Dietitian to discuss any dietary needs.

Outdoor view of the Recreational Sports Facility's main entrance

RSF Inclusive Recreation

The Inclusive Recreation Program offers exercise programs for people with disabilities, such as Goalball, accessible yoga, and personal training.

EDI's logo, a  purple wheelchair logo encased in a red heart.

Easy Does It

Easy Does It is a non-profit organization that provides emergency attendant care, accessible transportation, wheelchair repair, and assistive device repair for seniors and people with disabilities.

A student in a manual wheelchair strolling in front of Doe Library

Local Wheelchair Repair

This webpage provides a list of local wheelchair repair shops that can repair a variety of chairs, lifts, and other disability management tools. Some vendors also sell and rent medical and/or mobility devices.

The ASUC seal with a picture of the Campanile in the middle

ASUC Wellness Guide

The ASUC Wellness Guide provides physical and mental health resources for UC Berkeley undergraduate resources. It also provides information on how to navigate academics in the midst of health emergencies.

The GA seal, a blue and yellow circle with the letters GA in the middle.

Graduate Assembly Wellness Guide

The Graduate Assembly (GA) Wellness Guide lists health resources for UC Berkeley graduate students. In addition to wellness services, the Wellness Guide also provides Graduate Student Instructors (GSIs) with guidance on how to refer students to mental health services.

A west view of the University Health Services building, an orange building with a blue roof.

University Health Services

The University Health Services, Tang Center provides comprehensive medical, mental health, insurance and health promotion services to all Berkeley students, and a variety of health programs for faculty and staff.

A view of the University Health Services Sign, surrounded by vine-like flowers.

Counseling and Psychological Services

CAPS offers short term counseling for academic, career, and personal issues and also offers psychiatry services for circumstances when medication can help with counseling. There is no charge to get started, and all registered students can access services regardless of their insurance plan.

Two individuals shaking hands

UC Berkeley Ombuds Office

The mission of the Ombuds Office for Students and Postdoctoral Appointees is to provide an informal dispute resolution process in which the Ombudsperson advocates for fairness, justice, respect for differences, and reasonable solutions to student and postdoctoral issues and concerns. The Ombuds Office also serves as an alert mechanism for systemic change on campus.