South Hall

Built 1873. The oldest structure on campus, and the only surviving building of the original university nucleus, South Hall was the original home of the College of Agriculture. It once had a near twin, North Hall, situated where the Bancroft Library stands today. The brick structure, designed by Scottish architect David Farquharson, is a rare and distinguished example of the Second Empire style. Over the course of its long history, South Hall has hosted the first physics lab in America (1879), the business school, a temporary museum for the state geological survey, and the persistent myth that the rooftop scene in "Mary Poppins" was filmed there. Added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1982.

Building Details

Floors: 4

Accessible entrances: The accessible entrance is located to the left of the main entrance on the east side of the building. The entrance is located under and on the left side of the main entrances strairs.

Restrooms: Usable Women's restroom on the first floor northwest side. Usable Men's restroom second floor norwest side.

Designated waiting area: The designated waiting area is located to the right upon exiting the elevator.

Emergency evacuation cabinet: E: The emergency evacuation cabinet is located directly adjacent to the elevator on the basement floor.

Pictures of South Hall

The front side of South Hall, facing east. The accessible entrance is an alternate entrance to the left of the main entrance.

South Hall

The accessible entrance to South Hall. It is an alternate entrance to the left of the main entrance.

East Entrance


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