Institute for Research on Labor and Employment (2521 Channing Way)

Built 1928. Institute for Research on Labor and Employment (IRLE), Institute for Research on Labor and Employment Library. An organized research unit of UC Berkeley, supporting multidisciplinary research about labor and employment relations in California.

Building Details

Floors: 4

Accessible entrances: One of the rear entrances is accessible

Center for Latin American Studies (2334 Bowditch)

Built 1920.

Building Details

Floors: 2

Accessible entrances: There is an accessible entrance at the main door.

Restrooms: There is a accessible single user restroom.

Warren Hall (2195 Hearst Ave.)

Located at 2195 Hearst Ave, this high-tech building is home to several units of the campus’s Information Services and Technology unit, a central facility for campus IT and computing. The building provides a stable and secure home for much of the campus's data infrastructure. It was named in 2008 for the late Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court Earl Warren -- a Berkeley graduate and former California governor -- after the demolition of the original Warren Hall, which was located on a nearby site.

Oxford Research Unit

Building Details

[under construction]


Office of Public Affairs

Built 1974. A bike shop and a bank in former lives; now home to the Berkeleyan newspaper, web NewsCenter, Media Relations, and other communications operations.

Building Details

[under construction]

Moses Hall

Built 1931. Named for Bernard Moses, history professor from 1876-1930. The George Kelham-designed building started life as Eshleman Hall, home of the Daily Cal, before it was sold to the Regents in 1959 and renamed.

Building Details

Floors: 6

Accessible entrances: There is a usable entrance located on the east side of the first floor.

Minor Hall Addition

Built 1978. Completed in 1978, the building is a modernist concrete structure with woodbeam trim and substantial window bays providing an emphasis on open views. Minor Addition is home to the School of Optometry clinics, including the Meredith W. Morgan University Eye Center (Clinic), as well as administrative/staff rooms, and research laboratories and faculty offices.

Building Details

Floors: 5