Energy Biosciences Building

Built 2012. Multidisciplinary faculty who are applying modern biology to the production of biofuels are housed in EBB, along with Bioengineering faculty focused on synthetic biology. The Robert J. and Mary Catherine Birgeneau Energy Garden on the south side of the building recognizes Berkeley's ninth chancellor and showcases plants that are potential biofuel feedstocks.

Building Details

[under construction]

McLaughlin Hall

Built 1931. Named for Donald McLaughlin, a professor at Harvard and Berkeley, first dean of engineering (1941-43), UC Regent (1951-67), and Peruvian gold mining tycoon. The building was designed by George Kelham and houses the main offices of the College of Engineering.

Building Details

Floors: 6

Accessible entrances: The building is only usable through the adjacent O'Brien Breezeway entrance, which provides an automatic opener and leads to level two of McLaughlin Hall....

Hildebrand Hall

Built 1966. Named after Joel Hildebrand, longtime chemistry professor and dean, and the inventor of Chem-1A's fabled Big Game Titration. The building houses graduate research laboratories, undergraduate teaching labs, and the chemistry library.

Building Details

Floors: 7

Accessible entrances: There are two entrances to Hildebrand. The first is the breezway accessible from the south. The second is the library and its entrance on the western side of the building....

Henry H. Wheeler Brain Imaging Center

Built 1998. The Henry H. "Sam" Wheeler, Jr. Brain Imaging Center (BIC) houses one of the most powerful human research functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) system in the United States. The 4 tesla magnet provides an opportunity for research collaboration in functional neuroimaging among diverse fields. Data are analyzed at the Judy & John Webb Neuroimaging Computational Facility also housed on the Berkeley campus.

Building Details

[under construction]

Wellman Hall

Built 1912. Harry Wellman, professor of agricultural economics, was acting university president in 1967 when the building's name was changed from Agriculture Hall. Designed by John Galen Howard and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1982.

Building Details

Floors: 5

Accessible entrances: Double doors on the north side of the building have automatic openers operated by push plates inside and outside the building. There is an exterior very steep ramp (similar to...

University Hall

Built 1959. This seven-story tower at the west edge of campus, designed by Welton Becet & Associates, originally housed the University of California Office of the President. When UCOP relocated to Oakland, University Hall became home to the campus's Visitor Center and a variety of administrative offices.

Building Details

[under construction]

Simon Hall

Built 1966. Once a residence hall for law students, it now houses offices for faculty, student organizations, and student publications.

Building Details

Floors: 9

Accessible entrances: The entrance on the south end of the building has a ramp and is equipped with an automatic door.

Restrooms: The mens and women's restrooms on the second floor are located in the north end of Simon Hall. Both are single user.


Institute for Research on Labor and Employment (2521 Channing Way)

Built 1928. Institute for Research on Labor and Employment (IRLE), Institute for Research on Labor and Employment Library. An organized research unit of UC Berkeley, supporting multidisciplinary research about labor and employment relations in California.

Building Details

Floors: 4

Accessible entrances: One of the rear entrances is accessible

Restrooms: Restrooms with side transfer stalls are...