Pages pertaining to the Americans with Disabilities Act Self-Evaluation.

Student Housing and Dining


This section examines accessibility in University housing.

Recommendations 1. Provide relevant employees training regarding the university’s dining and housing related responsibilities and obligations under the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Fair Housing Act, and all disability-related California statutes, and case law. This slide deck entitled Disability & Accessible Housing addresses housing. ADD THIS ONE This slide deck entitled Dining...

Information Technology


This section addresses ensuring that our digital domain is accessible to disabled people. The UCOP Information Technology Accessibility Policy requires that our technology platforms and the content thereon meet WCAG 2.0 AA standards.

Recommendations Ensure that your employees know that the UCOP IT Accessiblity Policy is and what it requires. Ensure an 'Accessibilty' link is added to the home page footer of all division webites Ensure employees who develop, design or adminster websites know how to create accessible sites, assess them, and remediate them as needed. Ensure all...

Telephone Communication


This section addresses telephonic communication with deaf or hard of hearing people.

Recommendations List “711 the California Relay” in email signatures, on business cards and letterheads. Provide all employees with information on how to use this service. If you use videophone technology, be sure it is equipped to accommodate callers who may be Deaf or hard of hearing. Identify and share with employees resources that can provide auxiliary aids for communication as needed. Training

Leads should take the training themselves, then assign it to those employees in their unit...

Community Disability Resources off and on Campus


On the survey this section originally examined only general familiarity with campus disability-related resources. It has been expanded to consider off-campus resources, too.

Recommendations Familiarize your employees regarding UC Berkeley campus resources, including:
○ the Office of Disability Access and Compliance (;
○ Disabled Students' Program (;
Disability Management Services (...

Miscellaneous Services, Programs and Activities

Description This section encourages reflection on how to increase outreach to, and inclusion of, disabled people in your organization’s programs, services, and activities (‘PSAs’). Recommendations Consider adding outreach to disabled people and/or disability inclusion efforts into your unit’s programs, services and activities. Ways to do this include, but are not limited to: adding affirmative language to outreach materials; and partnering with other organizations and entities (e.g. non-profit organizations, student groups,...

Nondiscrimination and Addiction as Disability


This section examines law and policy prohibiting discrimination against people based on their current or past status with substance use and substance use disorder (e.g., drugs or alcohol).

Recommendations Ensure employees, especially managers and supervisors, are aware of the UCOP policy that prohibits discrimination against people based on their current or past status as a drug or alcohol addict ( Training

Leads should take the training themselves, then assign it...

Transportation Services


This section examines accessible transportation options to reach campus programs, services and activities.

Recommendations Ensure your employees are aware of the Loop service for disabled people, and other accessible transportation on the perimeter of campus.

Ensure that if asked, your employees are able to direct people to online mapping showing accessible parking.

Ensure appropriate employees meet with DAC and determine which accessible parking areas were identified as having deficits on the ADA Transition Plan. ...

Evacuation and Safety Plans


This section concerns emergency and evacuation plans and resources, as well as best practices for evacuating people with disabilities.

Recommendations Confirm that there is a Building Emergency Action Plan Safety Plan, and adequate evacuation chairs, for the building(s) where your employees work. Ensure employees have information on accessible evacuation route, designated waiting areas, and best practice for evacuation of disabled people. Confirm that Emergency Evacuation Chair Cabinets contain the chair. Ensure your employees are aware that they can schedule with DAC to...

Physical Space


This section addresses accessibility in the office space.

Recommendations Develop practices to ensure that your physical office space set up is accessible, e.g. clear floor space, and provide guidance to any employees who may have responsibility for maintaining these areas. Check with UC Berkeley Disability Access & Compliance regarding accessibility of the spaces that are open to the public (e.g. for on-site services) If there is any construction being done to your office areas, make efforts to ensure that there are accessible routes and spaces available for people...

Communication Accommodations (ASL & VRIS, CART & Captioning, ALDs)


It is important that employees understand some of the most common communication accommodations and equipment-American Sign Language, Video Remote Interpreting Services, Captioning, Communication Access Realtime Translation, Assistive Listening Devices-when they are to be provided, and whom by.

Recommendations Ensure employees know what Captioning & CART (communication access real-time translation) are, the difference, and how to secure these accommodations. Ensure employees know what ASL (American Sign Language) & VRIS (Video Remote Interpreting Services) are and...