Davis Hall

Built 1968. Professor Raymond Davis spent 50 years on the Berkeley faculty and developed the Engineering Materials Laboratory into one of the world's finest. Davis Hall houses the offices of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, including its structural and earthquake engineering labs and teaching facilities.The building’s ground-floor “structures bay” rises two stories, providing space for testing many types of materials and designs, from scale models of California highway overpasses to segments of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Building Details

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Pictures of Davis Hall

A west side view of Davis Hall.

Davis Hall


Classrooms and Departments

Civil Engineering


Davis 534

Maximum Capacity


Features ADA-Instructor Accessible ADA-Student Accessible AV-Computer Data Display AV-Connection-Aux AV-Connection-VGA AV-DVD Player AV-Document Camera AV-Screen-Manual Projector AV-VHS player Board-Chalk Only Board-Front 95plus sq ft Seating-Movable Window-None