Donner Laboratory

Built 1942. The lab was funded by William H. Donner, president of the Donner Steel Corp., who donated money to the university for work in nuclear medicine following his son's death from cancer. The Donner Lab was the world's first center for research in the uses of atomic energy in biology and medicine.

Building Details

Floors: 5

Accessible entrances: There are two accessible entrances. The first is from the east accessible from the Gayley Road. The second is located on the western side of the building and is the preffered route for using room 155 Donner.

Restrooms: There are usable restrooms on the first and second floors. Designated waiting area: The Designated Waiting Area is located in the stairwell located directly to the right of the elevator when facing the elevator.

Emergency evacuation cabinet: W: The emergency evacuation cabinet is located in the elevator lobby on the ground floor. Accessibility features: There is an accessible telephone on first floor.

Pictures of donner lab (under construction)


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