Giauque Hall

Built 1954. Chemist William F. Giauque won the Nobel Prize in 1949 for low-temperature research. Labs in the largely underground building conduct research into properties of matter at supercold temperatures.

Building Details

Floors: 4

Accessible entrances: The main entrance is located in the Hilderbrand Breezeway. The lab can also additionally be accessed by taking either the Latimer or Hilderbrand elevators to the basement and using a connecting tunnel.

Restrooms: The nearest accessible restrooms are located in Hilderbrand next door.

Designated waiting area: The designated waiting area is located to the left of the elvaotrs and then two rights. It is adjactent to another elevator.

Emergency evacuation cabinet: N: The emergency evacuation cabinet is located to the left of the elevator on the ground level.

Pictures of Giauque Hall (under construction)