Hearst Memorial Mining Building

Built 1907. Designed by John Galen Howard and financed by Phoebe Apperson Hearst as a memorial to her husband George, "a plain honest man and good miner," silver tycoon, and U.S. senator. The building underwent a massive restoration, completed in 2002, that included cutting-edge seismic retrofitting to protect the building in the event of a major earthquake. In addition to its meticulously restored vaulted entrance gallery, elegant sculptured windows, and grand marble staircase, the building houses new laboratories for advanced experiments in computation, ceramics, metals, and polymers, as well as facilities to develop nanoscale and superconducting materials. Added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1982.

Building Details

Floors: 4

Accessible entrances: The accessible entrance is located on the west side of the building and features an automatic door opener.

Restrooms: There are usable men's and women's restrooms on the second floor.

Designated waiting area: The Designated Waiting Areas are located the ends of both halls next to the stairwell

Emergency evacuation cabinet: W: The emergency evacuation cabinet is located directly next to the basement accessible entrance.

Pictures of Hearst Mining

The front side of Hearst Mining, facing south. The alternate accessible entrance is on the building's west side.

Hearst Mining

The alternate accessible entrance to Hearst Mining. It is located on the west side of the building.

West Entrance

The accessible doors to Hearst Mining. To the right of the entrance is an automatic door opener.

West Entrance 2


Classrooms and Departments

Engineering, Material Sciences


Hearst Mining 310

Maximum Capacity


Features ADA-Instructor Accessible ADA-Student Accessible AV-Computer Data Display AV-Connection-Aux AV-Connection-VGA AV-DVD Player AV-Screen-Manual Projector AV-VHS player Board-Front 95plus sq ft Board-White Only Seating-Movable Window

Hearst Mining 390

Maximum Capacity


Features ADA-Instructor Accessible ADA-Student Accessible AV-Assistive Listening Device AV-Blu-ray Player AV-Computer Data Display AV-Computer Data Display HD AV-Connection-HDMI AV-Connection-VGA AV-Course Capture AV-DVD Player AV-Document Camera AV-Screen-Manual Projector...