Koshland Hall

Built 1990. Named for Daniel Koshland, a Berkeley alumnus, biochemistry professor, and longtime editor of Science magazine.

Building Details

Floors: 8

Accessible entrances: Building can be entered on the lower level from the Northwest Parking Facility. There is a usable entrance on the south side of the entry level, 50 feet from the elevators and the main staircase.

Restrooms: Restrooms with side transfer stalls are located on the lower level near the center of the building.

Designated waiting area: The Designated Waiting Area is located in the elevator lobby near the main stairwell.

Emergency evacuation cabinet: W: Walking through the main entrance the emergency evacuation cabinet is located at the end of the first hallway on the right.

Accessibility features: There is an accessible drinking fountain on the lower level.

Pictures of Koshland Hall

The front side of Koshland Hall, facing South. The front entrance is on the left side of the building, and is at ground level.

Koshland Hall

The main entrance to Koshland Hall, facing south. To the right of the entrance is an automatic door opener.

South Entrance


Plant & Microbial Biology, Molecular & Cell Biology