Latimer Hall

Built 1963. Named for Wendell Latimer, dean of the College of Chemistry in the 1940s, the building contains chemistry labs and classrooms. On the plaza southwest of Latimer Hall is a cupola, all that remains of the original chemistry building on campus.

Building Details

Floors: 11

Accessible entrances: The breezeway entrance to the building has usable entrances on both the north and south side of the facility.

Restrooms: There is a set of usable restrooms on the ground floor with side- transfer stall capabilities.

Designated waiting area: Floors 2-3: The Designated Waiting Area is located directly across from the elevators in the stairwell lobby. Floors 4-8: When facing the elevator the Designated Waiting Area is located to the left and then at the end of the hallway on the right.

Emergency evacuation cabinet: W: The emergency evacuation cabinet is located on the first floor directly across from the elevator beneath the staircase.

Pictures of Latimer Hall

The north side of Latimer Hall. The are accessible entrances on the north and south side of the building.

Latimer Hall

The upper entrance to Latimer Hall, facing south. To the left of its leftmost set of doors is an automatic door opener.

Upper South Entrance

The north entrance to Latimer Hall. The rightmost set of doors has an automatic door opener to the right.

North Entrance

The lower southside entrance to Latimer Hall.

Lower South Entrance


Classrooms and Departments



Latimer 102

Maximum Capacity

  • 32


  • AV-Blu-ray Player
  • AV-Computer Data Display
  • AV-Computer Data Display HD
  • AV-Connection-Aux
  • AV-Connection-HDMI
  • AV-Connection-VGA
  • AV-DVD Player
  • AV-Screen-LCD
  • Board-Chalk Only
  • Seating-Movable
  • Window

Latimer 105

Maximum Capacity 


Latimer 120

Maximum Capacity


Latimer 121

Maximum Capacity


Latimer 122

Maximum Capacity