Li Ka Shing Center

Built 2011. The Li Ka-shing Center for Biomedical and Health Sciences will make a huge contribution to the advancement of medical research. The facility houses computer scientists, biologists, physicists, engineers, chemists and mathematicians under one roof and enables a collaborative medical approach towards four key medical issues: stem cell research, infectious diseases including HIV and dengue fever, cancer, and neurosciences including Alzheimer’s disease. Several Nobel prize laureates also work in the center.

Building Details

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Pictures of Hall

The front side of Li Ka Shing, facing east. The main accessible entrance is on the left half of the building's front side.

An eastside view of Li Ka Shing

The main entrance to Li Ka Shing, facing east. To the right of the door is an automatic door opener.

The east entrance to Li Ka Shing


Classrooms and Departments

Center for Biomedical and Health Sciences


Li Ka Shing 245

Maximum Capacity


Features ADA-Instructor Accessible ADA-Student Accessible AV-Assistive Listening Device AV-Blu-ray Player AV-Computer Data Display AV-Computer Data Display HD AV-Connection-Aux AV-Connection-HDMI AV-Connection-VGA AV-Connection-XLR AV-Course Capture AV-Course Capture Video AV-DVD Player AV-Document Camera AV-Dual Input-Dual Display AV-Microphones AV-...