Mobility Accommodation

Two students talking near Sather Gate

 If you plan on attending an event and need mobility accommodations please try to make your service request at least 72 hours prior to the campus event you wish to attend. If you make your request with less notice, we will do our best, but the earlier you submit your request, the more likely it is to be fulfilled.  Requests or inquiries about accommodation information can be made through the following form, or by calling (510) 643-6456.

We will send you a confirmation of your request shortly after you submit it, and contact you again when your accommodation arrangements have been set up.


  • Event walkthrough
  • Changing Venues
  • Locating Accessible Transportation


  • Location of Disabled Parking
  • Easiest, safest and most convenient path of travel
  • Location of Accessible Building Entrances
  • Location of Accessible Restrooms
  • Venue Seating Information
  • Answers to any and all other access questions that you may have