Sproul Hall

Built 1941. Robert Gordon Sproul graduated from Berkeley in 1913, then worked his way up at his alma mater from cashier to president (1930-58). Sproul was the first Berkeley alumnus and the first native Californian to serve as university president. The neoclassical building, designed by Arthur Brown, Jr., housed the offices of the chancellor and other top administrators until the 1960s, when they were repeatedly occupied by students from the Free Speech Movement. The chancellor subsequently decamped for more-secure California Hall.

Building Details

Floors: 6

Accessible entrances: The south basement entrance is usable. It is accessed via a ramp. The entrance has sliding motion detector doors.

Restrooms: There is a set of usable restrooms with side transfer on the basement floor.

Designated waiting area: The south stairwell near the elevator is where the DWA's is located for each. On the second and third floor there is a two way communication device, plus the UCPD are located in the building.

Emergency evacuation cabinet: S: The emergency evacuation cabinet is located on the basement level in the south stair well. It can be seen on the right as someone uses the south basement entrance and travels to the elevator.

Pictures of Sproul Hall

Sproul Hall Main Entrance seen from the west side from Sproul Plaza.

Sproul Hall


Financial Aid, Registrar, Graduate Division, Admissions, Public Affairs, UC Police Department