Sutardja Dai Hall (CITRIS)

Built 2009. This 141,000-square-foot building is the headquarters of CITRIS, the multi-campus interdisciplinary research program that is one of four California Institutes for Science and Innovation. The building houses research labs, faculty offices, a nanofabrication lab, an auditorium, and a cyber café. CITRIS work aims to improve energy efficiency, transportation, environmental monitoring, seismic safety, education, cultural research and health care. The building honors a team of accomplished Berkeley engineering graduates: brothers Sehat and Pantas Sutardja and Weili Dai, the trio that founded Marvell Semiconductor, and Ting Chuk.

Building Details

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Pictures of Sutardja Dai Hall

The front side of Sutardja Dai Hall, facing west. The accessible path is a ramp to the right of the front entrance's stairs.

Sutardja Dai Hall

The accessible ramp to Sutardja Dai Hall, facing west. It is a winding ramp to the right of the entrance.

West Access Path

The main entrance to Sutardja Dai Hall, facing west. To the right of the door is an automatic door opener.

West Entrance


Classrooms and Departments

Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society (CITRIS)


Sutardja Dai 254

Maximum Capacity


Features ADA-Instructor Accessible ADA-Student Accessible AV-Computer Data Display AV-Connection-VGA AV-Screen-Manual Projector Board-Front 95plus sq ft Board-White Only Seating-Movable Seating-Tables/Chairs Seating-Tables/Chairs Movable Window-None