Zellerbach Hall

Built 1968. The primary fine arts performance space on campus is named for Isadore and Jennie Zellerbach, who contributed $1 million toward its construction. The 2,100-seat main auditorium has witnessed performances by many of the world's most acclaimed orchestras, vocalists, dance companies, and speakers. There is also a 500-seat Playhouse for smaller productions.

Building Details

Floors: 7

Accessible entrances: Zellerbach Hall's main accessible entrance is located on the east face of the building. To reach the entrance an individual must travel to the southeast portion of building to take the ramp and reach the door.

Restrooms: One men's and one women's restrooms are usable on the second floor. Four (two men's and two women's) restrooms with side transfer stalls are provided on the third floor, although two of these require maneuvering around an obstruction with insufficient clearance (38"). One women's restroom on the third floor has an additional front-transfer stall.

Emergency evacuation cabinet: S: The emegency evacuation cabinet is adjacent to the elevator on the ground level.

Accessibility features: There is an accessible fountain in the lobby of Zellerbach.

Pictures of Zellerbach Hall

The front side of Zellerbach Hall, facing east. The accessible path is a ramp on either side of the main entrance.

Zellerbach Hall

The leftside accessible ramp to Zellerbach Hall. There is a ramp on either side of the building leading to the main entrance.

South Access Path

The northeast side of Zellerbach Playhouse. The access path is on the east side of the building.

Zellerbach Playhouse

The access path to Zellerbach Playhouse, located to the east of the building.

East Access Path


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