International House

Built 1930. Home to nearly 600 international and U.S. students, I-House aims to foster intercultural respect and understanding by giving students and scholars from many lands a place to live and learn together. Despite considerable community resistance to the idea of mixing different nationalities, races, and genders under one roof, it opened in the midst of Berkeley's fraternity and sorority row in 1930, the first coeducational student residence west of the Mississippi. The building's Moorish-influenced design is by George Kelham.

Building Details

Floors: 8

Accessible entrances: There are two entrances to the building, one of which is only usable by an exterior staircase. Another front entrance is usable via an exterior ramp.

Restrooms: The two common bathrooms have side transfer stalls that are usable on the first floor.

Designated waiting area: Are located within the restrooms adjacent to the main elevators on every floor.

Emergency evacuation cabinet: N: The emergency evacuation cabinet is located on the first floor of the International House. Upon entering the main western entrance an individual would take a left and follow the corridor until coming upon vending machine enclave. It is located on the left hand side of the enclave.

Pictures of International House

The front side of International House, facing west. The accessible path is a ramp in front of the building.

International House

The accessible entrance to International House. It is a winding ramp in front of the building that leads to the main entrance.

West Access Path


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