Steve Johnston

Steve Johnston

Information on Special Projects

A Special Project may start because you have reached out to DAC for assistance in making your space accessible, or because DAC has reached out to you because of a number of issues that may have been raised which could be a risk to your department and the University. Throughout the project, you will work with Steve Johnston, the Policy, Complaint, and Special Project Manager in DAC. Our office will provide scheduling, administrative support for the project, and assist with keeping track of progress.

Either way, the project starts with a meeting to discuss what issues are known, what...

Policy, Complaint, and Special Project Manager

Steve is an alumnus of the University of Aberdeen, Scotland and is originally from Northern Ireland. He has over 20 years’ experience as an investigator, including crime scenes, major crime, and financial crime, in the UK. 

He moved to California in 2018 and after almost two years at UCSF investigating privacy incidents and potential HIPAA violations, he moved to DAC at UC Berkeley in October 2020. 

As well as reviewing allegations (by students, staff, faculty, and visitors) of discrimination based on disability, and dealing with any issues of concern, he is available to give presentations or discuss the work of DAC and how our Department can assist you and your department in being compliant with the ADA.

When not working, Steve enjoys golf, cooking, hiking, fishing, and expanding his vinyl collection.

"Stop building things and then trying to make them accessible; please start building accessible things!"

Steve is available for bi-weekly drop-in sessions every other Thursday from 3-4 pm. Please review the handy guide for detailed information, which includes Zoom link and instructions.