• This portal connects to 25Live, a database of all general assignment classrooms at UC Berkeley.  In the description of each room you can find information about the accessibility features of the room including accessibility for students, accessibility for instructors, and lighting conditions. It also includes other information such as the rain capacity and be available AV equipment.
  • Research, Teaching, and Learning maintains a list of classrooms with further details on the AV equipment installed in classrooms across campus. 
  • If you find that your course is assigned to a location inaccessible to you due to disability, you can request to move thecourse to a classroom that meets your access needs. This page on the DSP website describes the requirements to make a room change request and the process for doing so. Classroom reassignment requests are reviewed carefully due to their impact on a large number of campus community members, including other disabled students who may have chosen the course specifically because of their accessibility needs. Talk to your DSP specialist if you have any questions.
Services are provided for students with disabilities in the classroom.