Visitor FAQ

1. Am I allowed to bring my Service Dog, Emotional Support Animal, or pet to campus?

Our animals on campus policy is currently under revision. For now, please note that Service Dogs are always allowed on campus grounds and in campus buildings; pets and Emotional Support Animals should not be brought into campus buildings but may be brought onto campus grounds if they are on leash and under control.  

2. What do I do if I believe I've been discriminated against on the basis of disability on your campus? 

DAC is responsible for reviewing allegations of disability discimination against visitors. Please let us know if you have an issue of concern or wish to file a grievance.  

3. What if I need special accomodations while on campus? 

Whether it is temporary use of our intracampus transportation system, the Loop, or support in accessing our library resources for the day, there are supports built in on campus. Please contact us at ahead of your visit so we can connect you to the proper resource(s). 

4. I'd like to attend a campus event. How do I get communication access, such as ASL or captioning? 

If the event information includes the name and contact number for an Access Coordinator, please let that individual know. If you do not see this information listed, please make your request to DAC directly

5. Who do I contact if I need accomodations for Berkeley events off-campus, such as the Greek Theatre or football games? 

The Greek Theatre has information on ADA accessibility, including requesting accessible seating, and contact information on their website. 

Please see Parking and Transportation for additional information about accessibility at Cal football games.