Cheit Hall

Built 1995. Located within the Haas School of Business.

Building Details

Floors: 4

Accessible entrances: There are two accessible entrances. The first floor entrance is on the west side and the second floor entrance is located on the east side of the building.

Restrooms: All restrooms in the building are usable.

Designated waiting area: The Designated Waiting...

Barrows Hall

Built 1964. Named for David Prescott Barrows, political science professor and president of the university from 1919-23.

Building Information

Floors: 10
Accessible entrances: Four Automatic entrances located on the Ground floor. Three are located on East and West corners of the building, while the fourth is accessed via a ramp on the north side courtyard.

Restrooms: There are usable restrooms on the basement, first and second floors.

Designated waiting area: The

McLaughlin Hall

Built 1931. Named for Donald McLaughlin, a professor at Harvard and Berkeley, first dean of engineering (1941-43), UC Regent (1951-67), and Peruvian gold mining tycoon. The building was designed by George Kelham and houses the main offices of the College of Engineering.

Building Details

Floors: 6

Accessible entrances: The building is only usable through the adjacent O'Brien Breezeway entrance, which provides an automatic opener and leads to level two of McLaughlin Hall....

Hildebrand Hall

Built 1966. Named after Joel Hildebrand, longtime chemistry professor and dean, and the inventor of Chem-1A's fabled Big Game Titration. The building houses graduate research laboratories, undergraduate teaching labs, and the chemistry library.

Building Details

Floors: 7

Accessible entrances: There are two entrances to Hildebrand. The first is the breezway accessible from the south. The second is the library and its entrance on the western side of the building....

Morrison Hall

Built 1958. May T. Morrison, class of 1878, left money for this building in her will, as well as for the Morrison Library in Doe.

Building Details

[under construction]

Wellman Hall

Built 1912. Harry Wellman, professor of agricultural economics, was acting university president in 1967 when the building's name was changed from Agriculture Hall. Designed by John Galen Howard and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1982.

Building Details

Floors: 5

Accessible entrances: Double doors on the north side of the building have automatic openers operated by push plates inside and outside the building. There is an exterior very steep ramp (similar to...

Simon Hall

Built 1966. Once a residence hall for law students, it now houses offices for faculty, student organizations, and student publications.

Building Details

Floors: 9

Accessible entrances: The entrance on the south end of the building has a ramp and is equipped with an automatic door.

Restrooms: The mens and women's restrooms on the second floor are located in the north end of Simon Hall. Both are single user.


Moses Hall

Built 1931. Named for Bernard Moses, history professor from 1876-1930. The George Kelham-designed building started life as Eshleman Hall, home of the Daily Cal, before it was sold to the Regents in 1959 and renamed.

Building Details

Floors: 6

Accessible entrances: There is a usable entrance located on the east side of the first floor.

Restrooms: The only usable restrooms are on the first floor. Location: First Floor: one across the hall...

Minor Hall

Built 1941. Named for Ralph S. Minor, whose 1903-46 tenure as an optometry professor included a stint as dean of the School of Optometry. Designed by Arthur Brown, Jr. Although the building began life housing mathematics, journalism, and "defense" courses, it was given over to the Radiation Laboratory during the wartime development of the atomic bomb. It was remodeled in 1953 for the exclusive use of the School of Optometry.

Building Details

Floors: 5

Accessible entrances: The...

Koshland Hall

Built 1990. Named for Daniel Koshland, a Berkeley alumnus, biochemistry professor, and longtime editor of Science magazine.

Building Details

Floors: 8

Accessible entrances: Building can be entered on the lower level from the Northwest Parking Facility. There is a usable entrance on the south side of the entry level, 50 feet from the elevators and the main staircase.

Restrooms: Restrooms with side transfer stalls are located on the...